BrotfabrikKino Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Alternative names: Kino in der Brotfabrik

Status: open

By: Teresa Vena
Last update: 2/7/2021
BrotfabrikKino Berlin
Cinema foyer
Wir schaffen das - Covid19 Closure
Wir schaffen das! Covid19 Closure
Corona verpiss Dich! Covid19 Closure

Year of construction (completed): 1876
Year of first opening: 1990
Number of screens: 1
Number of seats: 60

The BrotfabrikKino has been founded in May 1990 as part of a broader cultural center project, including a theater scene, an art gallery and a platform for contemporary literature. The cinema is located in a former bread factory, from which derives the name of the location. Situated in the old Eastern part of the city of Berlin, and created a few years before the German reunification as a cultural spot, the cinema untill today stands as a mediator for culture and art between East and West. The program, curated from the very start by scholar and film critic Dr. Claus Löser, is first and foremost an independent one. The program has through the last decades forged the national and international reputation of the cinema, and won numerous awards. Alongside the newest feature and documentary films, the cinema shows historical milestones from film history accompanied with special events such as lectures and debates.

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