Cinema Rossiya

Yerevan, Armenia

Alternative names: Soviets Rossiya, Aryarat

Status: converted

By: Silke Laux
Last update: 29/11/2020
Cinema Rossiya, Yerevan
Cinema Rossiya, Yerevan
rests of the ceiling of the theatre hall
Rests of the former theatre hall
Rests of the former theatre hall
Old window at the Cinema Rossiya
Rests of the former theatre hall

Year of construction (completed): 1968
Year of first opening: 1975
Architectural style: soviet
Number of screens: 2
Number of seats: 2500

The Rossiya Cinema was a former cinema. It is now demolished and predominantly used as a mall.

Constructed between 1968 and 1975, it was supposedly the largest cinema in Armenia with 2500 seats. It was planned by Armenian architects Spartak Khachikyan, Hrachik Poghosyan, and Artur Tarkhanyan. The name of the cinema later changed to Soviets Rossiya and Aryarat. The architectural style was supposed to resemble the lower and higher peaks of Mount Ararat. The cinema was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union. From the 1990s on, the former cinema has become a shopping mall.

Further information is just available on Russian websites.

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