Kino Bez Popkorna

St Petersburg, Russia

Alternative names: КИНО БЕЗ ПОПКОРНА

Status: open

By: Johannes Litschel
Last update: 16/9/2020
Main entrance
Main entrance
Projection Room

Architectural style: classical
Number of screens: 1
Number of seats: changing (about 15)

A hidden place downtown St. Petersburg. Enter a residential building on a busy road, 5 steps away from Nevsky Prospect, one of Russia's longest and most famous roads. You follow the stairs up to the top floor. Behind an inconspicious door you enter a lynchesque, narrow and long lobby, where the owner welcomes you and sells you a ticket (not too talkative). The cinema itself is in a kind of spacious attic, where seats and armchairs are waiting for you. Projection comes from a computer via a home entertainment system. Due to the european and russian arthouse movies shown there, the audience seems to be mostly either students and/or cineasts. It sounds like private or even illegal, but the cinema is official and part of St. Petersburg's cinemalandscape. By the way: Kino bez popkorna means "Cinema without popcorn". So bring your own food, but be aware of rustling while watching the movie :)

Know before where you want to go as there is no sign, no commercial and no doorbell at the building's entrance. This is how Harry Potter must have felt: Finding an unexpected, magic world within the normal one.

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